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Our story

Cidrerie Compton is a family-owned business specializing in the production of barrel-aged organic cider. A passion for sustainable agriculture and everything surrounding cider is what brought this project to life. The cidery is located on the family land, where the organic orchard of Les Délices de Compton was established in 2007. 

It’s in 2018 that Jimmy and Eve joined Pauline, Jimmy’s mother, to change the orchard vocation into the production of cider. They began by planting new varieties of cider apples and are now pursuing their new vision.

Our Mission

Producing high-quality organic cider using eco-friendly methods.

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Fabrication process

  1. Apple harvesting (mid-August to mid-November)
  2. Sweating the apples
  3. Juicing
  4. Start of fermentation, maceration of fruits for flavored ciders
  5. Aging cider in oak barrels or stainless tanks for 6 months to one year
  6. Bottling and aging
Pressage du jus de pommes pour fabriquer les cidres de la Cidrerie Compton
Emballage des cidres biologiques de la Cidrerie Compton
Embouteillage des cidres biologiques de la Cidrerie Compton